Saturday, March 7, 2009

I am the Chair Queen

Luna keeps trying to sit on top of MY chair. Today I deceided to show her whos boss. It's me! I am queen of this chair. I sit here while my hooman plays WoW and she uses me for a head rest and I suck up all the body heat muahh ha ha. GET OFF MY CHAIR!

Much better.... the chair is all mine again. I will rejoyce with much scratching. This is the only pice of furnature I'm allowed to scratch on besides my cat tree. This is by far my favorite. Every day when my hooman gets home from work and sits here I jump up here to scratch like this then I sit with my legs hanging off the side. Luna keep copying me... I'll just have to chase her down everytime I see her. Here is Luna after I chased her down. She's giving me an evil glare. hahahahaha the chair will be MINE foreverrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!