Sunday, May 29, 2011

Ez Sunday - It's HOT

OMC it's so hot, I'm taking it EZ on top of mah cat tree wif the fan blowing. Dis is the life.

Hey! What's that on the grass... oh noes... I hate that floofy guy out there. He scares mah birdies away. GO AWAY! RAWRRRR!
If there is one thing me and the woofie agree on is our hatred for squirrels MOL!
Oh good, he's leaving. VICTORY! Now my birdie furriends can come back and keep me company.
There they are, they're so cute. I like to watch them nom nom nom in the feeder. If they go on the ground I might stalk them a little though. PURRS2U! =^_^= Luna

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thursday Window Views

Zulu is happy the Boy-Hooman put in a new 'pet proof' screen. Now we can sit by the window and sniff outsides!
I guess the new screen downstairs makes up for Mercy hogging the window seat in the bedroom evfurry day. We're still not happy about it .... /growlies.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Luna's EZ Sunday

Sooo sleepy.

Oh hai, thanks for waking me up Humom... can you turn off the flashy box plz? Is way to bright in here fur a nap!

K, thanks. Bai =^_^=

Wishing you all a disruption-free Ez Sunday nap. PURRS!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Caturday Construction!

The Hoomans just dragged dis huge box into mah living room. We better check it out. A Snoopervison Investigation may need to be put underway immediately!

OMC look what's in dis box! The Hoomans got a new Catio-Set fur out on the balcony! I hope I cans go sit up there and watch birdies with dem when it's all done. Lets get started!

Thanks fur the box, yes I do believe it has a sturdy construction. We cans make an excellent condo from dis.

Zulu does not approve. This wrapping needs to be removed immediately! Luna, your claws are needed, come on Hooman, I see your feets there, you cans pull this stuff off faster

Dis plastic... it has a flavur... Om nom nom nom ...

Luna oversees the production while charging up her lazurs. They need to be in top working order to be able to seal all the parts together!

Make sure all these pieces are nice and tight Zulu, check evfurry connection. We don't want the Beans to fall through when they sit their bums on dem!

Luna makes sure the Boy-Hooman follows the proper directionz fur putting the table legs on. "Good work on dis chair, I'll make sure it cans support mah purrfect weight, don't mess up the table, my noms might go on there some day and I don't want thems falling off!"

Snoopervisor Zulu has stamped this chair: Cat Tested - Zulu Approved. You may proceed with sitting as directed. =^_^=

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wordy Wednesday - OUTSIDES!

OMC OMC guess where I am?!

WE ARE OUTSIDE! All thanks to Kritter Kondo! We never got to go out except for one or two experimental leash sessions which did not go over well, MOL. This is so pawsome, the fresh air is even fresher than from our window, and the birdies are in a much closer NOM-range

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Our Photo Purrize came!

We got mail~! OH MY COD! It's from our furriends at Thoughts Fur Paws bloggie! They just had a Spring Photo Contest and we gots second place =^_^= we're furry happy, they are so generous to do fun contests! I love mail, it's the best for making face scratchies on and there's always pawsome stuff on the insides too, what more could a kitteah want?

Wowsaaa look at all the natural & holistic noms, MMMMmm I can't wait to try out all these treats and toys!!! Even a book fur our Bean wif a bookmark too! Is called "The Meaning of Meow - Understanding & Caring For Your Cat" now maybe she'll give me Cat Sip and Nip when I ask...
Here's a closur look inside, I'm getting hungry now

Zulu grabbed dis pink fishie out of the box and ran down into the basement before we even got evfurrything else out to see. Someone has a new furravorite toy!

OMC Catnip is inside of here~! It came with a whole tube of it NOM

Mercy loves her mousies~! She is pooped out after throwing them all over the room.
MOL check out this action shot!

Dis is not her most glamorous moment but she was having a lot of fun!!
Thank you again to Jaime & Evfurryone at Thoughts Fur Paws!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Introdoocing Mercy!

Hello, I'm Miss Mercy. I came to live here yesterday! I know there's other kitteah here but they're being kept out but they come by and make sniffy noises under mah door and even hiss OMC how rude!
I'm frisky! I get very fluffy when I play, you like mah tail?

I like dis mousie, it runs across the floor by itself! I caught it tho and put lots of bitey on him! I get pretty fiesty and put the bitey on these Beans too, not too hard though...well least not on purpose MOL =^_^=

Monday, May 2, 2011


While the Beans clean up da house and get evfurrything in order fur the new kitteah, we decided we better rest up now while we still can.
Dis is our 'harmony' sleeping position #4 MOL~!

As soon as Mercy arrives there will only be time fur investigations, hissy fits, purrs and chasing PURRS =^_^=

Sunday, May 1, 2011

ALERT ALERT - Introoder is on the way!

OMC you're never going to guess what our Humom told us! (pawse for guessing here MOL)
They are bringing another cat here on Tuesday! OMC OMC all systems to battle station, lazur eyes on the ready! PEW PEW PEW

Ok maybe this introoder will be our furriend... but we're still going on alert! The Beans said we are going to be locked out of our cat room upstairs wif the window seat and bed, the nerve! Why does the introoder get my furravorite spot?! /growl.

Our Facebook furriends get a special sneak preview of a piksur of the introoder, so head on over and join us if you haven't already =^_^= she is rather purrty! Stay tuned fur more impawtant introoder news updates. Alert level is HIGH until further notice -PURRRRS