Saturday, February 27, 2010

Construction Caturday

The Hoomans brought dis big box homes. I is the constructions Snooopervisor and Luna is going to help meh inspect evfurryfing and make sure we has all the parts. She likes to nom and scratch up on the white foams... HEY no break time Luna, get to work!

Ok make sure der is nothing under there that we needs. You see anyfing?? Me either. Ok next check point.

Ok Luna, you check that end and I'll go over to dis other side and make some face scratches. That means it has met our approval to continue.

As the official Snoopervisor, I needed to enlist the Boy Hooman fur some help wif the big power tools. I has no thumbs fur the button pushings! I made sure he knows which part to do and he showed me where I could take overs again wif Luna.

We're getting somewheres! Good job Hooman. Let us just make sure you put all dis stuff in the right spot. Luna seems to approve, evfurryfing is level. You may proceed.

Ok now is time to make sure all the electronicy fings are goings to fit in here. Luna, is your job to inspect each cubby hole. Make sure you get no nose scratchings on the glass door or yer FIRED!

Ta-Dah! All dones, nice job evfurryone. Make sure to walks on top of it whenever the Hoomans are watching the TV so they have to watch you instead. Now is time for a nap!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

E-Z Sunday Sunbeams

Today's an easy Sunday. We caught the woofie takin a snooze in OUR sunbeam! The nerve! How dare that smelly mongrel invade our reserved space... maybe she will get a bath today... gosh. I wash myself all day long. This Frito-face never gives herself a bath. She doesn't eat Fritos from the hoomans, I can't figure out how she smells like a bag of chips MOL! Either way I want mah sunbeam back =^_^=

Ha! I has it. The sunbeam is MINEEEEE! All I had to do was sniff the woofies face and she got scareds and jumped outa bed. I think she was dreaming of the neighbor dog cuz she was woof-woof-woofin' in her sleep. VICTORY for sun-dwellers evfurrywhere!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Heart Day!

Happy Valentines Day Evfurryone!
Snuggle up wif your love today and purrrrrrrrr =^_^=

Friday, February 5, 2010

Froootbat Friday

We had such a good Purrthday it's taken all week to recover! Thank you all for sharing our day wif us! Our hooman said we cans catch up wif our bloggie furriends dis weekend. It's been a long long week here in cold Connecticut. We hope you all had warmer week den us! PURRS2U =^_^=