Saturday, May 26, 2012

Caturday Pirates!!!

 OMC what is dis blue thing in mah living room?! A new cat cave yay!!!!

Hmmm maybe dis is a good size pad for me to sleep on later. Pawsome!

 Puuurrrpare fur boarding Luna, Zulu is port side waiting fur you to move ovaaar!

 Ok Hoomah why dis big fing on my carpet? Dis where I roll around like a spaz and is no room now

Fine, dis staying here a while I might as well check out the other one. Hope you all have a furry Happy Memorial Day weekend! We gets to play Pirates all weekend wif des stuff =^_^= purrs2u
Luna & Zulu

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Caturday Patrol

 Nothing like a nice morning of bird watching from mah tree, we are on squirrel patrol too. I don't like squirrels! They scare my birdie friends away and steal all their foods. They are jerks! 

OH NO I see a squirrel! 

Get em Zulu!!!

 Awww he's gone. Oh wells that is good. I see his fluffy bum going up the tree now. MOL
The Humom said maybe we cans go outside in our kritter kondo later, I can't wait! =^_^=