Friday, March 22, 2013

An update & many thanks

Thank you all so much for your kindness and thoughtful posts. I was overwhelmed (in a good way) with the 70+ comments on losing our sweet girl Luna. Despite originally hating myself for all of this.. I think reading all your comments made me realize it was really an accident; no matter how much I wonder about the 'what ifs' and 'should haves'. I am truly grateful for the support of this pawsome community. - Humom

A dark cloud still hangs over our home, which despite being occupied by two hoomans, two smelly dogs and my mancat self, seems strangely empty. I have not given up my search for my mate, furriend, and buddy, Luna.  The hoomans have smelled like salt lately and their eyes leak. I don't think this is a good sign. My Humom puts me to bed each night like always, but Luna is never there when the door closes. I am very lonely and meow for a while before settling down for the night... I spend my nights before bed on my Humom's lap or close to either hooman.  I have a feeling deep in my furs, a part of us all is missing furrever and it's shaped like my Luna. Purrs2all - Zulu T. Katt

Saturday, March 16, 2013

RIP Luna....

This is the worst day... out of the blue my beautiful sweet girl Luna is gone to the Rainbow Bridge. My heart is breaking and heavy with regrets.  The day started like any weekend. Got up, made breakfast and went to go start laundry.  While putting all the laundry in my basket I saw a plastic bag on the floor... a bag that had headache pills in it I was going to take to work. I never dreamed my cat would touch this bag (it was in the laundry basket because I was going to put the bag into my work bag after emptying the laundry into the washer). 

She was always so picky with eating any food or treats and this resembled nothing good to eat. She must have been frisky and played with the bag, biting holes in it. One of the pills was broken in the bag (capsule) she ingested the contents from biting the bag. We immediately looked online and found this medication is extremely toxic to cats.  We took her and Zulu into the vet because we weren't sure which cat may have bit on the bag at this time.  They tried making them barf with peroxide but they wouldn't. They decided to put them under and pumped both their stomachs just to be safe.

Luna had the procedure first. She was coming awake when we were leaving because they said they would monitor them both over night and we could get them tomorrow.  Two hours after being home, they called us. Luna took a turn for the worse and was on life support. The vet said it just suddenly hit her system and she started shutting down. She ensured me she was in no pain and was unconscious. Even small doses of Acetaminophen in cats is extremely lethal.... I never knew... I never thought she'd even find the bag burried in my laundry.... it's my fault my sweet girl is gone no matter what anyone says I'll always have this feeling in the back of my head.... 

Maybe 20 minutes later they called again. She was gone. Gone forever. We went to see her, give her one last kiss on the head... one last time to pet her. It hurts so bad; I see her everywhere I look around the house now. I picture her trotting past me. Meowing... jumping up on the cat tree to see the birds outside. Rolling around upside down so I can pet her belly. She was just on my lap last night... she was just here. I can't believe she's gone.... gone to the Rainbow Bridge ... together with her sister Keiko. 

Zulu pulled through with no complications so far, they are going to call in the morning when we can get him.  My poor man cat.... he's going to miss Luna as much as we will. 

I'm so sorry Luna, my baby girl... I love you so much... and miss you more than anything.