Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year! A wish to our furrends!

We wish you all a Happy 2010 !!! May the New Year bring you:

Warmth of a good blankie, in comfort of home

Joy from your Hoomans

Company and support of family & friends

A caring heart that accepts all treats from Hoomans equally

Enrichment of noms and richness of nips

Courage to seek & meow the truth even if it means purring alone

A lazur light to guide your path

Helping paws to strengthen unity

Serenity and peace within your mind, heart & soul

Food for thought & soul

A paw to hold in the dark

Hopes and dreams of a furrever home and the desire to make it happen!!


Sunday, December 27, 2009


It is I, the Supreme Keiko, onlines to report we are back on the interwebs!!! Our hooman was very humbuggy and has not let us on the PeaCee for many weeks. This is unacceptable. To show my true feelings I gave my hooman an extra evil kitteah glare for dis fuzzay hat on meh. Talk to the paw!!!

We hope evfurryone had a Happy Christmas/Holiday time!!! We got lots of new toys from our Grandma's kittah in WI and our Sissyfur-in-Law kitteah too. I likes to nom on the stringie bows almost betters than the stuffs inside the box OM NOM NOM NOMMMMM.
Luna put the bitey on meh because the nips were so good.

Then she had to do the rabbit kick to our new mousie to make sure it knows who's boss! We got nips all over the place and rolled around like no tomorrow =^_^=

Last but not leasts, dah Notorious Woofie got presuntz too. Sandy Claws got her the most feared of all nemesis... SQUIRREL!!!!! The woofie hates squirrels and could not waits to get the bitey on it to make him pay!! Oh how he will pay (how we don't knows MOL)