Saturday, July 21, 2012

Pawsome day OUTSIDE OMC!

 We had the best day today. The hoomidity left so it was nice enough to go outsides!!! Our furrst time out this summer. I'm so glad we has our Kritter Kondo or we'd never get to be out here because we hate hate hate wearing collars and harnesses!!! 

 We can smell all the fresh airs - it smells different from in the house

 Luna tried for a long time to get out time but dis is a furry secure pen!

 Zulu relaxed the whole time, he loved to roll around and feel the breeze in his furs

 Luna got the hint and settled down. 

OMC what is that up there?!

 A birdie came to see us!!! It's right above mah head!!!

Get em Luna! She made lots of chirp-meows at the birdie MOL

It's a chicka-deeee, they were scolding each other fighting over the suet. We had so much fun watching birdies OMC they were close enough to NOM!

 Da woofie even came outsides wif us. She hung out under Mom-beans chair while she read books. We hope your weekend was pawsome!! PURRS2U  
♥ Luna & Zulu - Trixi too!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Is 10:00 do you know where your hoomon is?

 What's the big idea Hoomon?! You leave us home for days on end wif no extra treats?! The nerve! I'm highly disturbed by this unprecedented display of kitteah abuse!!! Call the ASPCA! Oh yeah and don't furrget - you left the laptoppy CLOSED. How are we to do bloggy stuff? I has no thumbs! 
Zulu is forced to give you the stink eye. I hope you're happy! And it's about time you bring those blue boats back. That was my prime napping hang out.... they smell funny now, where are you going wif dis that it smells like FISH? Where is MY FISH? /whineeeeeeeee