Monday, September 30, 2013

Zulu has a little brofur

Its Mancat Monday!

 Meet our new little-mancat. Dis is little Deene (sounds like Dean). He came to live here this past Friday. He is 12 weeks old

He loves his lap time, and is very vocal!

 His eyes are still that kitten blue =^_^=

And he is a master of camouflage! 

Deene and Zulu are not quite furriends yet. Zulu makes lots of hissy noises... but they can be in the same room together. Sometimes they almost seem to get along then Zulu gets mad and stalks off. I hope they can be buddies soon.

Elena, Zulu's lady furriend is not working out. She is too wild, almost feral.  We still can't touch her, it's been almost 5 months :( we are looking for a new home fur her. She is definitely a special needs little girl. She is very scared of evfurryone and needs more attention than we can give her, we both work full time. She does NOT like Zulu at all and her claws are very sharp while he has none so we has to keep them separated. Hopefully she can be placed in a new home before this year is out. Purrs~!