Friday, November 28, 2014

We has a new home!

It's been a busy and scary few months for us. The hoomans were packing up everyfing in the house into boxes. That part was fun, we got to jump in SO MANY boxes. More boxes than I has seen in a whole year all in a few weeks.  We got to put box piksurs on the our FB page, that was pawsome.

One day a few weeks ago, my Humom put us in the extra bedroom where we could watch out the window. They took our cat tree! They took our bed! It all went in a big big truck. After lots of hiding, meowing and window watching she came back. We were tricked into our crate and put in to the dreaded car!  The car means one thing.. V E T... but we didn't go there. 

 We went here! Dis is our new catio. We got to play out here all day last weekend. 

 I love watching chipmunks out here!
 Rollie pollie
 I give dis place my rub of approval
I is sad now, the white cold stuff came from the sky a few days ago. Now Maum says we can't go out in the window porch until spring because is cold.... What fun is dat?! Oh well, we ares lucky dis new house has sunny windows evfurry where. We only had two windows at our old domain. 

Hope to see you all again soon! PURRS
Zulu T. Katt