Saturday, February 9, 2013

OMC we got 33 inches of SNOW

Our woofie, Keeva, demonstrates what happens when you go outsides afftur a massive blizzard. MOL

Zulu had a better idea, curl up on the couch wif Mombean. 

 Luna checks out what all that white stuff is. OMC dis window is cold!

Where did the ground go?! MOMBEAN your car got EATED!!!!

OMC the white eated the yard stick too! Run fur your lives!!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Zulu's 7th Purrthday!!

Our handsome Man-cat Zulu is 7 years old today. His squirrel furriends came to toast some champaign!

Zulu loves Nyan cat! He requested him fur his purrthday cake again dis year, MOL I think he just likes poptarts !!

Since this is a Man-cat's party, of course we has to have some premium nip and play GO FISH!

Enjoy some nom nom sushi too, relax, nap, play and purr!