Friday, August 27, 2010

OMC we're feeling luckeeee!!!

Our furriends Goma and Sachie said we has won their contest!!! Thank you so furry furry much! OMC OMC EXCITEDS!!! I can't wait to try out the Kritter Kondo, I never get to go outsides, this is going to be totally pawsome =^_^=

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Luna's Fishies!

Oh Hai!!! Dis is mah spot fur fishie watching. We can't move dem into Catland yet so they are upstairs in the dining room fur now. Somefing about running electrix boxes is needed. I don't mind though, I has a front row seat to mah fishie show!

You can come over and watch fishies wif me someday if your Hoomans says is ok. PURRS!

Hai Mr-Tang, you has any sushi fur me?

Thursday, August 5, 2010

We Has Mail OMC!

Clickie for enlarged cuteness!!!

OMC what is dis? It has mah name on it and Luna's too!
Pawsome! It's from our furriends China Cat & Willow

It's Christmas in July!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Luna grabbed dis one and started unwrapping it herself!

No wonder she grabbed it, it smells GOOOOD! Luna has her furry own Catnip Cigar!!

Luna is in love with this toy =^_^= look at all the cat drool MOL

Now it's Zulu's turn, he took dis one out to claim as his

OMC OMC A Catnip Nanner!!! NOM!

Luna stakes a claim on the Boogie Mat! FISHIES I LOVE FISHIES!
Thank you sooooo much China Cat, Willow & Hooman!
You are the bestest Santa's!
Our hooman has been looking evfurry wheres fur dis kind of stuff, we love the NOMs and mousies too!! We let the hooman put the cat key chain in her car view mirror, it's so cute!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sunday meeting

Luna: Hello theres
Zulu: Beware of my Lazurs!!!

Hmmm guess I can't get inside....

Zulu :::motor-boat sound growling:::

I has poooofy tail! My hooman took Zulu back up to his room for bed time.
Nite nite growly-growlenstein