Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Fight Night

 Oh hai, it's me, Eddy! I am king of dis tree now! RAWWWRRR

 Luna is looking feisty. Eddy wants to play! 

Ok maybe not.... CAT FIGHT!!!!!!!!!! 
no furries were harmed in the making of dis photo but they sure were loud about it geesh

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

8 days wif no heat or lights OMC

We had no snow at all and woke up to dis! OMC!

All our trees were still full of leaves, so they didn't like that too much and got all bendy and broken :( is furry sad. Almost all our pawsome birdie trees are now gone. Eddy was in the Halloween spirit and trying to keep warms. The powers went out Sunday afternoon.

Dis is why we had no powers. Evfurry street had lines down like dis around our condos.

We used lots of candles fur light and some heat. The woofie and all us kitteah were confused. The Hoomans were acting all strange not watching the TV or using the computer... but at least we got lots of play time and lap sleeping =^_^= Our Grandbean came and got the woofie after 3 days, she was too colds so she is staying wif dem fur a while to stay warms.

NO FAIR how come the woofie got to stay somewhere warm and we are furreezing? It got cold at night times. The Hoomans could see their breath in the house! We stayed close by to soak up some body heat. Our toes were cold from walking on icey tile floors all day. All the frozen foods in our basement will has to go to the dumpster, dis is no good.
Good thing our foods are dry!

Here we are all tucked in and warm! 8 days laters, we got power back on Nov 6 around 4pm. It was the boy hoomans birfday purrsent!