Sunday, February 19, 2012

Happy Belated 6th Purrthday Zulu

I guess I can furrgive my Humom fur not posting on mah Purrthday a few weeks ago. Things are a little crazy here wif Eddy and us so we has not been on the pee-cee very much.  I got some tuna juice and wet cat foods at least and some dried whole catnip leaves too OMC!

I have some Nyan Cat cake fur evfurryone! Have you tried the Nyan Cat game out? It's kind of fun! You can play HERE.

 Lots of nom-ilishous sushi too, I hope you can use chop sticks!  I guess it's ok if you'd rather just put the bitey on it.

After dinner, get your nip on wif one of these pawsome nip toys! I call dibs on the leopard mousie!

Feel free to crash afterwards and sleep it all off =^_^=

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Caturday bath

Me and Zulu are having a nice bath. He sure is one dirty bird. MOL! I'm trying to make him feel better because the Humom didn't give him his purrthday post or anything, how mean is that?! I guess we can furgive her dis time... maybe Zulu will have a belated purrthday pawty tomorrow =^_^=