Monday, September 28, 2009

Mellow Yellow

I enjoyed a nice sunbeam on my windowseat for most of the day. I am recovering purrfectly from having the bitey on mah tummy. As you can see by my smug smiling cat face my sunbeam meets mah kitteah approval =^_^= hope you all enjoyed a nice mellow day!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Caturday Cat-fight!

We are frisky! It's time for some wrestling on this sunny Caturday morning. RaaawwRRRr!!! We has this pawsome wrastln' mat to roll on for a purrtection cushion; sometimes the cushion gets a bitey too... it's fun to nom chunks off!

Oh noeeees Luna's putting the bitey on mah tummy ahhhhhh!!!
Haaalp I are not a cushion!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Luna's Tummy Tuesday!

Don't you just want to pet mah soft belly?! I am one happy cat today, I got catnips last night and maybe still need to sleep it off =^_^= our cat-land in the basement got changed around, we have more room now! The big floor freezer got put in the laundry room. Now I can run up and down the steps and flop on the floor where it used to be.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

I'll skewer yer gizzard, ye salty sea bass... Avast!

Cap'n Luna De Sparrownom at ye service. Dis here tis me fist mate- Squint Eye Keiko. Aye, today be meow like a pirate day, shiver me timbers! Our humans lo'v pirates; they have all the Johnny Depp mov'ies A pence for an old man o'de sea?

Did ye know this day be shared wit another Holiday? Today they hooman be goin' t' the beach t' pick up trash for International Coastal Cleanup to clean the riny deep; we be stayin' home t' set sail wit thar Cat O' Nine Tails. For us furry cats, tis a fine day for a nap while they be gone, yaAAarr! Me be a hope'n they be brin'in' home lots o' fish for us t' eat.

Ayee-yar; we be hopin' you enjoy your pirate day matey! Tis one o' the best days o' the year... tis a pawsome day indeed. I wish thar war more excuses t' meow like a pirate, yargh! Maybe in a past life I used t' be one instead ofa landlubber MOL =^_^=

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Back on the Interwebs!

Our beans are finally home... it was a rough week fur us. We are happy to have them back tho and it was furry nice to get to meet our family kitteah Miss Lucky! Maybe one day we can meet face to furry face. Luna just woke up from taking a nap on the suit case... man they are sure lazy about unpackings! Do you see me in that top piksur? Mah feets are near the bottom right MOL

Here I am! The fuzzy Keiko at your service. As you can see I am one happy cat to have my hooman home!! We were furry sad and howling bloody murder when they came homes almost 2 days late. Something about crappy Americun Airlines being %^&*())(&*%^%~!@@

Our water bowl was bone dry and making lots of noises really loud... it's a fountain bowl so the mootor was burning out. So loud and we did not like! Our hooman heard our howlings right away when they came in the door and went running to us and found our waters all gone. We got a big cool glass right away and boy did we gulp it down quick. I had hickups~! The sitter told our hooman she was there on Saturdays... they got home Sunday nites so not sure what really happened to the bowl.

We got presunts tooo! The hoomans mom-bean got us 3 spikey plastic balls wif bells inside and a new lazur-mouse! Thanks Grandmum! =^_^=

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wisconsin Window Views

Hello there. I am Miss Lucky Kitty. This is my window view all the way from Wisconsin. My servants made sure there are lots of bird feeders and bird baths so all the squirrels, chippies and birds come to see me every day here by the side deck. The back deck is much bigger but there are less birdies. I get to lay there sometimes at lunch in the sunshine.

The girl servant who found me at the local humane society is home to see me and said I could use my distant sisters blog. They are far away in Connecticut... I wonder if we will ever meet. I have only met my cousins Kosmo and Roman out in TX when we visited a few days on our way to Port Aransas. I have been living here in my furrever home now for almost 15 years. I was a year or two old when I was brought home. My cousin Morris was also adopted the same day as me by my humans Grandma. We are both 16+ year old kittys =^_^=

and now after all this typing I am ready for my nap!

Friday, September 4, 2009

TGIF =^_^=

My ears looked bigger when I was a little bit younger. I has the frooootbat look here and wanted to share. This was one of my favorite places to sit; mainly because the hoomans always put things on the table and that meant I get petted when they pick them up and set them down; and they can't miss seeing me because I'm right there.

We are furry sad our hoomans are going away... I hope I get lots of play time with the sitter. Last time she did not give us treats.. but at least we got lots of pets and scratches! We will miss you next week and will try to catch up as soon as our hooman lets us use the Pea-See again! Maybe we can sneak in while the sitter is not paying attention!!! Purrs to you all, and have a happy and safe Holiday!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Keiko does not approve of us going on vacation. We are leaving on Friday and she knows... we have the suitcases out and they are both busy rubbing all over them! A friend from work is going to stop in everyday to play and feed them. While we are away in WI (home for me) my childhood cat Lucky-Kitty may make a guest appearance! My mom takes care of her since I moved away in 2001 so she's really more her baby now but I still love her =^_^= (don't tell Keiko & Luna, they are banned from PC usage while we are away and they are not thrilled!)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Toesies Tuesday

I like to nom mah foot. It has a special flavur, kind of like kitteah food. Maybe because I dig in my food bowl and fling food all over the floor evfurry day =^_^= the floor has more foods than the bowl by the time I'm done... sometimes I eats it off the floor. Mostly I just like flinging it around weeee~!