Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Catsmas Evfurryone!

Merry Catsmas Evfurryone! We'll try and catch up with all the Holiday posts on Monday, we home you all got lots of nips and noms from Santa-Bean!!! PURRS

Friday, December 23, 2011

Secret Paws!

We got a package! Eddy got to sniff out the box first and put is chin scratches on evfurry box corner. OMC! 
 Lemme see lemme see! There's a super cute card inside from our furriends at Manx Mnews!!

Zulu took a dive right into the box to play! Wow we got a lot of pawsome stuff!!!!

 2 bags of treats, nips, curly toys, bouncy mousie, tweety bird toy, loofah toy, bitey ball (not piksured I chased it in the other room MOL) and crinkle pocket blankie!!! Even our Humom got some gifts!  Chocolate kitty bars NOM! Cute kitty paper and puurrty smelling lotion!  We love all our purresents and so does Mom, thank you so much to Mom Debra, Abby, Boo, Peng, Jenx & Gracie!!!

 Luna tests out the crinkle pocket =^_^= hey there's the ball by mah foot!

 OMC the Hooman attached our new loofah toy onto the fishing pole, dis is fun!!!! Oh noes I missed it...

 WOW ZULU you caught it way up high! You are better at dis game than me I guess you win this round

 That was tiring, time for a nap on my crinklies, PURRS2 one and all, Have a Merry Catsmas!!

Friday, December 16, 2011

We are in trouble...

The Hoomans has had the last straw... Today we are going to see a Certified Animal Behaviorist... I are scared. We has to go for an hour long car ride. THREE CATS IN CAR NOT GOOD.  The lady is Alice Moon, she has been a miracle worker fur animals in the past so maybe it will work out.

If we can correct the problem,  my brofur, Edison will stay here but if this just does not get better he will have to leave. Only time will tell I guess. I told the Humom I would TRY and be nice to him but its not happening so far MOL. Keep your paws crossed fur us!!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Caturday is looking like Christmas

 It's getting to look a lot like Christmas in our house! I love all the purrty lights. There's lots of pawsome toys hanging in the tree too! Let me show you my furravorites.

This one is Angel-Keiko, our WI cousin, Whiskers gave it to us to remempurr her always.

 We think of our Hoomans going away and coming home when we see this. I love to lay on all their stuff!

 This is an oven-mitt kitten. I bet that is nice and warm to sleep on!! Especially if the hoomans used it to get foods from the oven first MOL.

 We LOVE Garfield, here are two more angel cats! We has lots of other Garfields hanging too =^_^=

Dis kitty got into all the treats and was so tired from eating them, they fell asleep in the jar! I wish I could do that. What are your furravorite tree-toys? PURRS2U we hope you're having a great Caturday~!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Mancat Monday =^_^=

Oh hai. Is me Zulu, I are the Mancat of dis house. I don't know why Eddy wants to think he is. Dis mah Ladycat Luna, not his!!! Dis is mah blankie too! Sorry we has not been around a lot. Here is all crazyness still with trying to make us all get along. Eddy is still separated during the day in his bedroom. I want that room sunny window seat is in there and it was my room first. He keeps marking the wall in there and its smelly /whineeeee

Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Fight Night

 Oh hai, it's me, Eddy! I am king of dis tree now! RAWWWRRR

 Luna is looking feisty. Eddy wants to play! 

Ok maybe not.... CAT FIGHT!!!!!!!!!! 
no furries were harmed in the making of dis photo but they sure were loud about it geesh

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

8 days wif no heat or lights OMC

We had no snow at all and woke up to dis! OMC!

All our trees were still full of leaves, so they didn't like that too much and got all bendy and broken :( is furry sad. Almost all our pawsome birdie trees are now gone. Eddy was in the Halloween spirit and trying to keep warms. The powers went out Sunday afternoon.

Dis is why we had no powers. Evfurry street had lines down like dis around our condos.

We used lots of candles fur light and some heat. The woofie and all us kitteah were confused. The Hoomans were acting all strange not watching the TV or using the computer... but at least we got lots of play time and lap sleeping =^_^= Our Grandbean came and got the woofie after 3 days, she was too colds so she is staying wif dem fur a while to stay warms.

NO FAIR how come the woofie got to stay somewhere warm and we are furreezing? It got cold at night times. The Hoomans could see their breath in the house! We stayed close by to soak up some body heat. Our toes were cold from walking on icey tile floors all day. All the frozen foods in our basement will has to go to the dumpster, dis is no good.
Good thing our foods are dry!

Here we are all tucked in and warm! 8 days laters, we got power back on Nov 6 around 4pm. It was the boy hoomans birfday purrsent!

Sunday, October 30, 2011


Oh great, the cold stuff is here again....this door is all foggy I can't see!

I'll clean it all off, that's much betters... not a very good view though. It's too early for dis! The hoomans say we will be lucky if we has power tomorrow so they gave special purrrmission fur us to do the bloggie after midnite OMC! Is way past our bedtime.

Eddy doesn't like the cold either, and I don't like Eddy or the cold! The hoomans said our furravorite bird berry tree is now on the ground along with almost all the trees around us. I hope the birdies will still come and see us...dis is furry sad noooos.
If we lose powers we may not get to post Halloween dis year.../sad cat face.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

I has been a bad kitteah

Oh hai, is me Luna. I has been a verray bad kitteah. See dis brand new mattress? Well the hoomans brought it home last weekend. They had an extra box spring fur it since they got a bigger bed fur their room. The box spring has been leaning on the wall in Eddy's room all last week. I liked to sit on it like I am here in dis piksur.

When the hoomans got the old bed out of Eddy's room, and were setting up the box spring they found my purrsent (insert evil cat glare here). I pee'd all over the top of the box spring whiles it was leaning up on the wall. Now they had no wheres to put their new matterss muahh ha ha. I mean... oh sworry.

Earlier dat day, I also was rutting around on the woofies bed. I pee'd on it right in front of dem! HELLO HOOMAN pay attention to me!!! After dat they became suspicious and took the black light around... then I was in furry bad trouble. They found my spray marks all over the wall going into Eddy's room. It smells like bleach now... the humom didn't seem too happy to clean it.

I had to visit the V-E-T last Monday. They thought I had a UTI or crystals in mah bladder. I was sent home wif a pee collecting kit - AKA some rocks and an eye dropper type thing MOL. Like I would pee on rocks. I was locked in the 1/2 bathroom for 4 hours! Can you believe that?! THE NERVE. I made sure they knew of my extreme displeasure by meowing non stop the entire time.

Finally the boy hooman talked some sense into the humom and put me in the big bathroom upstairs. I had to spend dah whole night in there! When my humom got up in the morning she was happy I peed in the rocks and she got a sample fur the v-e-t. I got to go in the basement/catland after that. About time!
After a week of being confined to Catland, I am FREE and enjoying mah window seat. The hoomans went to PetSmart last night and got me some Feliway. Now evfurryfing smells weird. I is being snoopervised constantly to make sure I do not pee anywhere. Come on guys, has some faith in meh! The V-E-T said I has crystals in my bladder. It hurts :( so now they got me new kitteah food dats Science Diet purrscription to lower the PH of my pee. Hopefully fings can get back to normal. I still do not like Eddy... Zulu is a traitor, he goes and smells his butt whenever I'm not looking /growl.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Eddy has taken over

Oh hai, it's me, Eddy! I has highjacked dis bloggie. The Hoomans all went on vacation and didn't even tell us, we were left wif the Grandbean. He came and stayed here and shared my bedroom. I made sure to keep him awake the first night he was here by jumping all over the bed. It was pretty fun.

The other cats still hate me and make a lot of growlies when they come to visit. I met my brofur Zulu - and he ate all my food! Growling the whole time too... /sigh.

Dis is where I like to sleep, besides the window seat. Zulu comes in sometimes and takes my window seat and growls a lot... Luna won't even come closer than 5 feet away from me. I'm a big pushover, so I'm not sure why no one likes me... I don't even attack them. I am too afraid to come downstairs. The hoomans leave my door open all day but I rarely make it to the stairs. Does anyone have any ideas to help me?

Monday, September 19, 2011

Avast, it be Meow Like a Pirate Day OMC!

Ahoy buckos! 'tis me, Cap'n Luna 'n Zulu too. We be extra excited fer another year 'o meowin' like a band 'o pirates! 'Dis year, we has aarr own scurvy sea monster nip ship!

Avast Ye! Come on board th' poop deck (use ye litter box before boardin' please) 'n sail wit' Gentlemen o' fortune to th' far far away isles 'o kitty paradise.

Plenty 'o noms, grog n' nips fer all ye pirates! Long as ye be no landlubbin' sons o' biscuit eaters ye be welcome aboard. Weigh anchor and hoist the mizzen!

Yarrghh! Ye best be mind'n thar cap'n Squabby Owlerton, or ye gunna be end'n up a carvin' o' Luna's nu' peg leg ! Zulu - Yer breath could kill thar Kraken ye parrot-lovin, mutionous rouge... let us be settin' sail, all be aboard. Tis time fur a nip party!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Yawntastic Sunday

Mmmmfppph fffrrmmpphh rrr

Oh sorry; yawning and meowing don't work so well MOL
I'll be here talking it easy on mah tree. Have a nice relaxing Sunday all
Excuse me whiles I get back to my nap, PURRS!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Stretching Instructions - by Zulu

Step 1: Curl up real small and make the hoomans think you is tiny. Make sure your head is upside down for maximum cuteness.

Step 2: Unwind a tiny bit and meow fur the camera

Step 3: Stretch your front paws out one at a time while looking as lazy as possible.

Step 4: out of no where, stretch out as fast as you can and as far as you cans reach! The hoomans will wonder how such a small kitteah ball can span 3 couch cushions MOL

Monday, August 29, 2011

Mancat Monday - Edison!

My name is Edison, I am a silver Bengal. I go by Eddy for short =^_^= My real brofur is Zulu, I has not seen him in five whole years since we were tiny kittens. I has only seen him for a few seconds this week when the Hoomans open the door to come visit and feed me.

I like to play in mah water bowl

Then I lick it off mah paw!

I hope I cans meet my brofur and the brown cat soon. PURRS!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Impawtant Noos!

Since hurricane Irene is coming our way, we wanted to share some noos in case we has no powers this weekend. As you probably know, Mercy lived here wif us for the past 4 months. She did not like Zulu and me and I did not like her either. We had a couple of fur flying fights and biteys.

The humom says she was a nice kitty by herself. I will admit she was a cute little terror MOL. Last week on Sunday, the hoomans took Mercy away in the blue carrier (hey that is MY ride!). We don't smell her anymore, but there's a new smell in the house.

I gave my most imploring MEOW... they said she went back to her Mom-bean and was going to be placed in new home where she is the only cat. We hope she cans find a furrever home soon. Even tho she was mean to me, she deserves a loving home! If you live in the New England area and want my hooman to send you the breeders infoz just email us (contact in my profile).

We don't know what is going on wif this other smell in the house, I thought I saw a silver streak of fur, and it was BIG! I are scareds... we'll post more as soon as we confirm a new sighting~! PURRS =^_^=

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Caturday Leash!

OMC I still can't believe it, I gots to go OUTSIDEEEE!!!! The Humom put this 'leash' contraption oh meh and out the forbidden door I went!

Dis is so pawsome!!! There goes another birdie, wow theys high up there
I walked to the gardens, and all the way around the building to the backyard too where we usually sit by the catio door on our tree insides. OMC I never thought I'd see the birdie tree and feeder from out theres!

Luna was watchings me from the other sides of the forbidden door. The Humom said she was jealous because I was out by all the birdies.

Luna would not put on this 'leash' fing so I got to do it because I didn't try and worm out of it when she put it on meh. I think it was totally worth it. Dis is the life =^_^=

I got to roll around in the dirt and on the cements too. This step is nice and warms. The sun feels so furry good on mah coat out here. Maybe I will let thems near me more often wif the 'leash'~!
PURRS2U all hope you are enjoying your weekend!