Saturday, November 14, 2009

Catwalk Caturday!

Dis is mah new winter sweater. I do not like. The girl hooman put it on me so now I'm hiding under the futon. Dis is where I also hide all the woofies toys. Like mah stash? She is too fat to get under here so they are all mine! You can see her on her bed behind me. She is jealous of mah warm winter sweater. Maybe I do like it... I don't like trying to wash it. My tongue sticks to the fibers and I get the fuzzies all on my tongue, is icky. The girl hooman will take it off soon ... or it will grace mah cat-box with its warmth!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Friday Flys!

Sumthin is up theres! I hear it making noises... where is it ?! Keiko thinks I'm crazy but it's theres alright. I think it might be mah nemesis ... THE FLY!

I see em! They are so much fun to play wif. They make the best noises and bounce around a lot. Mah nice hot window seat must have woke him up out of his sleepy time. I gots him this time! Right under mah paw =^_^= I can has foot rub??

Oh noes... I think I played a little hard wif him. Poor little buzzinator... my hooman thinks he's faking it!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Fur Halloweens our hoomans went to see GWAR! We were left here to hand out candies to the mini-bean types. We decided to take a nap instead though. My hooman tortured us before they left... I hates them so much sometimes MOL. We ares now a Bee-Kitteah and Bunnay!

The girl-hooman found a cool shirt to wear too wif piksurs of us on it! We wants one in our size but I guess kitteah are not included in their fashion line... we thinks they stole our piksur for their shirt though. Hope you all had a great Halloween! We hopes to get to blog more if our hoomans are not too busy =^_^= purrs 2 U~!