Sunday, January 26, 2014

Good noos, and bad noos

Let's start wif the good. We got a pawsome pressunt yesterday from the Hoomans.
Our purrvalence cam caught dis shot of the Humom coming home.

OMC it's a new tree!

As soon as it was in the house, Zulu was all over it, followed by me. Let's just say he wasn't happy sharing wif a kitten. But he got ovar it.

Dis is pawsome !

We're not sure if dis will stay in here, bit I hope so. I like that we cans climb up to our ceiling box from it. I guess now the bad nooos....

Zulu has IBS, he had to get a B12 shot, and take some meds. He refuses to eat his noo food. He acts like he is burying it :( I has not seen him eat since Purrsday. The vet was adamant in that he must only have dis food.... Going to have to call tomorrow and see if there are more kinds. Poor mancat.