Monday, August 29, 2011

Mancat Monday - Edison!

My name is Edison, I am a silver Bengal. I go by Eddy for short =^_^= My real brofur is Zulu, I has not seen him in five whole years since we were tiny kittens. I has only seen him for a few seconds this week when the Hoomans open the door to come visit and feed me.

I like to play in mah water bowl

Then I lick it off mah paw!

I hope I cans meet my brofur and the brown cat soon. PURRS!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Impawtant Noos!

Since hurricane Irene is coming our way, we wanted to share some noos in case we has no powers this weekend. As you probably know, Mercy lived here wif us for the past 4 months. She did not like Zulu and me and I did not like her either. We had a couple of fur flying fights and biteys.

The humom says she was a nice kitty by herself. I will admit she was a cute little terror MOL. Last week on Sunday, the hoomans took Mercy away in the blue carrier (hey that is MY ride!). We don't smell her anymore, but there's a new smell in the house.

I gave my most imploring MEOW... they said she went back to her Mom-bean and was going to be placed in new home where she is the only cat. We hope she cans find a furrever home soon. Even tho she was mean to me, she deserves a loving home! If you live in the New England area and want my hooman to send you the breeders infoz just email us (contact in my profile).

We don't know what is going on wif this other smell in the house, I thought I saw a silver streak of fur, and it was BIG! I are scareds... we'll post more as soon as we confirm a new sighting~! PURRS =^_^=

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Caturday Leash!

OMC I still can't believe it, I gots to go OUTSIDEEEE!!!! The Humom put this 'leash' contraption oh meh and out the forbidden door I went!

Dis is so pawsome!!! There goes another birdie, wow theys high up there
I walked to the gardens, and all the way around the building to the backyard too where we usually sit by the catio door on our tree insides. OMC I never thought I'd see the birdie tree and feeder from out theres!

Luna was watchings me from the other sides of the forbidden door. The Humom said she was jealous because I was out by all the birdies.

Luna would not put on this 'leash' fing so I got to do it because I didn't try and worm out of it when she put it on meh. I think it was totally worth it. Dis is the life =^_^=

I got to roll around in the dirt and on the cements too. This step is nice and warms. The sun feels so furry good on mah coat out here. Maybe I will let thems near me more often wif the 'leash'~!
PURRS2U all hope you are enjoying your weekend!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thankful Thursday - Special Delivery!

A huge box came in the mail today OMC!

We won a purrize package from Petstages Products! A most pawsome THANK YOU going out to Goma and Sachie of My Cat Goma fur hosting dis contest =^_^=

Check out this pawsome scratcher lounge, it came with nips - NOM!

Luna: "I'll put a good scratchy on dis! Zulu has no claws but he likes to think he does, I just booted him off so I could show him how iz done."

We love this cute Blinking Buddy! Dis is going to be our new night time toy! I can't wait to go to bed now MOL!
It lights up when I paw at it OMC!

I is pooped after all dat playings... dis makes a purrrrfect lounge fur relaxation

Wif dis buddy I cans find my way to the scratcher lounge in the darks! Pawsome~!
We are loving our new toys, fanks again~ PURRS Luna & Zulu

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

On your toes Tuesday

Zulu loves jumping, dis is one of his furavorite toys

Mercy likes it too, jumping up high is good kitteah exercise =^_^=
Dis piksur is the only few seconds of us getting long together MOL! Soon as the toy is gone it's all ova!