Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Sunny Caterday

Hello Internet land.
I, Keiko, fuzziest of all furry and soft cats, have decided I should leave my paw print upon this inter-web. My distant cousin Roman has a blog too and has inspired my presence here.

My hoomans are annoying me on this fine Caterday. First, I settled onto my favorite chair. The computer seat of the tall hooman. Once I had licked myself a consiterable time and drifted to sleep... the next thing I know I'm being lifted from my warm spot and dropped on the filthy dog stench of a floor! I protested with several in-futile meows and will be forced to lay next to my sunbeam stealing sister Luna. That smug face won't be there for long... that's MY spot.

The time has come to hunt spiders since I cannot sleep. I found one on the stairs last night. The girl hooman was encouraging me to bite it... disgusting. I prefer to paw at it until it crumples into a spidery ball of doom. Luna stole all credit for the kill when she came up behind me and ate it producing nom nom nom sounds there after to the amusement of our hooman.

I think I shall again retire to the sunbeam....I wish this smelly mut would get out of my way.