Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Evil Lady-bug

Last night I spotted the most elusive of intruders... the lady bug. It sat high up on the ceiling for hours mocking me as I attempted time and time again to find a way up there. The lamp was far to scrawny and slick to climb... the girl hooman grew angry every time the lamp hit against the wall. She doesn't appreciate my lady bug hunting tactics /sigh. Not to be out-done Luna arrived on the scene. Our hooman was highly amused by her strange meowing and stalking cat sounds. I think girl is obsessed with lady bugs. Maybe the one on the ceiling was really her doing?! At any rate we were soon ready for a cat-nap.

Some hours later I discovered a highly off limits place was open game! The bathrooooooom! Quite embarrassing really... the tall hooman snapped this shot of me muttering something about looking like a constipated gato and I should be putting the seat up first. What's that supposed to mean? They're lucky I sit on this thing at all.

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