Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Back on the Interwebs!

Our beans are finally home... it was a rough week fur us. We are happy to have them back tho and it was furry nice to get to meet our family kitteah Miss Lucky! Maybe one day we can meet face to furry face. Luna just woke up from taking a nap on the suit case... man they are sure lazy about unpackings! Do you see me in that top piksur? Mah feets are near the bottom right MOL

Here I am! The fuzzy Keiko at your service. As you can see I am one happy cat to have my hooman home!! We were furry sad and howling bloody murder when they came homes almost 2 days late. Something about crappy Americun Airlines being %^&*())(&*%^%~!@@

Our water bowl was bone dry and making lots of noises really loud... it's a fountain bowl so the mootor was burning out. So loud and we did not like! Our hooman heard our howlings right away when they came in the door and went running to us and found our waters all gone. We got a big cool glass right away and boy did we gulp it down quick. I had hickups~! The sitter told our hooman she was there on Saturdays... they got home Sunday nites so not sure what really happened to the bowl.

We got presunts tooo! The hoomans mom-bean got us 3 spikey plastic balls wif bells inside and a new lazur-mouse! Thanks Grandmum! =^_^=


  1. That should teach them to ever leave you again!

  2. We are glad your Beans are home. We hope your water fountain is still working.

  3. We're so glad they are back home to you! 2 days late, that's no fun at all!

    Yes, those water fountains can be pretty loud when they get low on water.

  4. Glad everyone is home and safe!

  5. I'm glad your beans made it home safely. Sorry to hear about your fountain. That is no fun. I'm glad to you got some presents and glad to see you back in the blogging world. :)