Saturday, October 24, 2009

Caturday Catland Update

We has been very busy this week wif catland. Its hard work watching the boy hooman cut drywalls and smear stuffs on it. I are helping to hold up the drywalls while the hole is cut for the fish tank. We shoulds make a show on HGTV for kitteah remodel!

One side all dones; I are so good at this. My inspection is complete~! They better give me extra treats tonight!!!! Keiko is not helping she just watches from the side. I do all the werk sheesh.

Taaa-dah! Here is where the fishie will live. I guess Catland will have to allow Fishland to coexist. That's okies we like watching thems swim around! =^_^= the fun parts is when the boy hooman smeared all this stuffs on the screw holes and drywall lines. I like sniffing and making sures it's all straight! I had to pull off some stripps of the screeny drywall tape stuff cuz it was not on rights. It was fun to pull so maybe I won't charge extras for the job.

Here is frame parts for the fishie too look nice, we likes it. There's a door on top too for easy feedings. Now just have to do some paint in heres! Then get floor and ceiling parts... guess there's a lot to do yet. Oh wells we has all cold long winter to do it!


  1. I love drywalling! It's great fun to build a wall! In Englandland, we call it plaster board.

  2. Our momma makes the graphics at the top of our page. Would you like her to make some fur you?

  3. It is coming along very nicely!

  4. That room is going to be so good. I love the idea of a fish tank in the wall, what fun to watch.. Hugs GJ xx

  5. Oooooooooh. Every cat should have a fishtank. Dushi likes watching tv when the football is on, but a fishtank would be so much more interesting. It is going to be the most wonderful catland, we can tell.

  6. Fishies in the house? Your TOYS will swim rigt up to you? Lucky!!