Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sad Luna

Keiko on my lap; just one week ago...

It's me again, the Hooman. Luna is having anxiety like attacks of yowling and running around like she is searching. I feel so bad for her. Has this happened to anyone elses kitty? Will she be ok? She has kept me up the past 2 nights. I wish I could make her understand no amount of looking will be able to find her although I really wish it could.

We were also debating getting her a new companion. She has never seen another cat besides Keiko though so I'm worried about how she might react to another one in her home. Is it too soon for introducing another cat or is it better to look for a furriend for her sooner than later? Any advise is very appreciated! This is all very new to me.

In the past I only had one cat at a time. This was the first time I had two kitties in the same household at once.
Luna and us Hoomans want to thank you all for all of your kindness and support in these past difficult few days. It really has helped me feel better knowing everyone is thinking good thoughts for us! I have been overwhelmed at the amount of responses from our furriends! =^_^=

PURRS2u~!!! xoxo Luna


  1. Hello, this is Brian's Dad. Luna will probably grieve for sometime, cats don't handle it as well as dogs (we've had both). Before we got Brian we had Ivan and Moses. Moses had heart problems (we were not aware) and the symptoms were similar to what Keiko had but his was a heart defect. He went down hill quickly and went to the Rainbow Bridge. Ivan was so very lonely and kept searching for his brother. We actually got Brian for a friend for Ivan. Ivan was immediately happy with the choice. We rescued Sascha so we had three. Unfortunately Ivan had a horrific heart attack in the middle of the night and died in my arms. Brian was super sad and looked for him everywhere but fortunately we had Sascha for him. Now we have five. Cats, especially ones that are really close, have a real difficult time. Sorry for the long response, but I just wanted to give you some background and let you know that I think it is normal, she is lost without her pal. Brian send to tell you that he and his sisters are sending purrs to Luna.

  2. Luna will continue to look for Keiko. Just s when I had to help Scooter(RIP) to The Bridge last April of '09, Skeeter, King, and Pandora all grieved for her in their own way. Maybe wait a week or two before getting a new furbling. This will give Luna some time also. Again, we are so sorry for your loss.

  3. Sniffie and Tamir looked for Cory after she left for the Bridge. It helps to have a pal but you might want to wait just a bit before bringing in somebuddy new.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  4. Scylla was very upset when Charybdis went to the bridge (they were litter mates and had always been together). Although she was very hissy when we first brought Artemisia home (about two weeks later), they are best friends now and are usually together.

    Socks was broken hearted when when Whiskers went to the bridge and was thrilled when we got Scylla & Charybdis. He also missed Charybdis and seemed OK with us bringing Artemisia home.

    All 3 are very close to each other now.

    Just remember whatever you decide to do it will take Luna time to adjust.

  5. Poor, dear Luna. Maybe give it time before getting a new kitty. It's just my opinion, but years ago, when we lost a kitty, we rushed into getting another one to fill the hole in our hearts. In hindsight, I would have waited. Maybe just lavish lots of attention on Luna, and when you're feeling a bit better about Keiko (of course you'll always miss her and it takes time), you can see if you still feel like getting another kitty. When you do, you'll most likely have to be patient with them getting along. Lucy and Simba get along great but when we got Bucky, neither of them got along with him.

    Hugs to all of you. I know how painful this is.

  6. Oh, Luna, we is so sorry! We didn't know (we blame the mom for not keeping us in touch with blog furiends).


    Luna will grieve for Keiko, I have found that cats mimic human behavior. She is definitely calling out for her sister, wondering where she is. Feliway may help calm her nerves. I am so sorry that you all have to go through any of this. (((hugs))) Mom Laure

  7. We're so sorry to hear Luna is grieving for Keiko. As others have said, this is normal, as hard as it is to see. We don't have a lot of experience with this so all we can suggest is that you give Luna lots of love and attention. Hugs to all of you.

  8. Poor Luna. Both Gemini and I were very weirded out by Georgia's passing (and we saw her go--we were there) so it can take some time before she gets that Keiko is gone. Purrs to them. The Woman just took it slowly with us and gave us as much love as she could during that time. She would probably like a companion as she may be lonely, but how quickly will depend upon you and her--I don't know that she would want a friend right away but I bet if they were that bonded she would enjoy meeting another cat in the future.

    Purrs to you and to Luna--we know that it is harder to watch that than it is to feel your own grief sometimes.

  9. kolohe and prada are very sorry for your loss... kolohe can relate to luna... when we put our beloved akita down, kolohe searched for her and cried and yowled... we all hope that in time, things will get better... even though we're not blogging lately, we still stop by to read... please take care...

  10. Aw, poor Luna. When Chumley died (it was just Annie and Chumley), Annie didn't really even notice or care, I don't think. She was happy as an only cat, but I adopted Nicki a few months after that.

    One thing I've learned--trust your own heart and instincts about whether or not to adopt again, and when. I listened to supposed cat "experts" on a Yahoo group and adopted right after Chum passed, wrong cat at the wrong time and it went very badly. After paying for neutering, etc., I ended up returning the cat to the shelter (something that shames me to this day), but was glad to be there when he did find his forever home. I waited another couple of months after that before adopting Nicki, then another 6 months before I adopted Derry.

    But in the end, Annie would have been happiest as an only cat, though I'm happier with more cats around. LOL.

    So the bottom line is as I've said, listen to your own heart and not to the advice of anyone else. Really.

    (((Hugs))) and Light to all.

  11. We are sorry to hear about your loss with Keiko, you must all be in shock still.

    We don't have any experience with cat siblings as I have only ever had a single cat, but sounds like everybuddy has given good advice to you.

    Sending you hugs and purrs

    Julie and Poppy Q

  12. I think opening your heart and home to another cat, when you are ready, would be a great tribute to Keiko.

  13. Poor Luna. We took on 10 cats when my mother in law died giving us a total of 11. As they died over the years the remaining one, Kitty Yumbum, was pining terribly so we got Eric and Flynn to keep her company. She hissed and wanted nothing to do with them for best part of a month but then decided they weren't so bad after all. They became inseparable and where ever they went, she would be sure to follow.

  14. So sorry for your loss & Luna's grieving. It's normal & will pass in time. Give her lots of extra love & I know a companion for her would do wonders after she has time to grieve. Take care. purrr

  15. Just wanted to send purrs and kisses to Luna.

  16. I think Luna will continue to grieve for Keiko. You will know when you and Luna are ready to open up your home and hearts to another kitty. You are in our purrs and prayers.

  17. Poor Luna
    We are so sad for both of you.

    When you are ready to open your heart to another cat it will be the right time for Luna to have a new friend. She really misses the companionship of Keiko and she is grieving the loss in the only way she knows how. We hope that her pain eases,and yours too. It may help to try some Feliway to see if that helps ease her or the calming collars.

    purrs and prayers

  18. I agree to a point. I would wait a month. Give Luna a chance to grieve. Give YOURSELF time to grieve. It is completely normal for the crying to be so loud and constant. Give her all the affection you can, and know it'll be ok. In time, consider another cat, but remember that too will take time.
    Be well my friends!

  19. I feel bad for Luna, it sounds like she is really missing Keiko. It looks like you are getting a lot of good advice - she needs time to heal, just like you humans do.

  20. My heart breaks for you and for Luna.

    Please know that we're thinking of you all.

  21. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde has varied in number from a high of 13 to a low of 1 (it all began with Christopher who went to the bridge at the age of 16). Now, grant you the 13 number was due to a litter of kittens (an unspayed female came to our door).

    Over the years we have lost furfriends due to them finding new forever homes and through death. Each time the others have looked for the other cats. This has lasted for as little as a week to a high of a month. Generally the high time has been due to a friend who has been with the Horde longer and/or was older.

    Personally, I have felt the presence of those who have passed. It has been a comfort knowing that they know they were loved and that they were trying to comfort me. We've had new friends come into our lives from as little as a week to as long as about two months as I recall.

    It just depends. You will know. Trust me. Trust your heart. Trust Luna. She'll let you know. She'll stop looking around for Keiko and start yelling at you to find her a new friend. Either that or morosely poking at toys or staring at her food bowl. Or at least that's what Da Boys have done! (99% of the Horde have been Tims.)

    Just remember, Keiko loved you all and she knows that you all loved her. For so long as you remember, she is never truly gone.

  22. (((Luna)))
    Yes, momma bean, as everyone has said, it is perfectly normal. Now that I have more cats, the reaction isn't as strong when one has crossed over, presumably because there are still other feline companions. But each has still grieved and looked for their friend. I, too, would give Luna a little time, but there is no wrong answer. Follow your heart.

  23. Thank you! Me and Luna are feeling much for confident now. She has stopped howling at night since we are leaving all the doors open (she used to be confined to Catland w/Keiko at night)PURRRS & HUGS =^_^=

  24. Whenever we lose a cat and we have lost a few, we tell the remaining ones what happened and give them lots of extra love and attention. Luna is grieving too. She will let you know when it is time for another cat to come live in your house. Sending light and love to you all.