Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Second Annual Worldwide Moment

14 Nov 10
at precisely 11:00 PM GMT

The Second Annual Worldwide Moment

Hundreds of us all around the Globe
Will realize a Connection
in Spirit in Energy in Love
We will be One Force with a Common Focus
Last year was so powerful you could literally feel the Bond
and the Goodness
During the Minute of Silence
and it seemed that following that Minute
You could hear the Sounds of our Friends
This year
not only will we feel the Silent Energy
and hear the Followup Calls
but perhaps
We will see a Glow in the Sky
from the Candles that flicker
All around our Earth.

It's a Personal Experience
and a Collective One.
We'll be directing many of our Thoughts
and All of our Love to

Our Beloved Bengal Friend
Who left for the Bridge
June 26, 2010
Following a Well Lived, but short life

We miss her dearly

She was a loving & sweet cat

Who made a huge Impression on our Lives
and Forever in our Hearts

Purrs2All Luna, Zulu & Hoomans


  1. We will be purrticipating too! Purrs and hugs to you, we will remember Keiko forever too.

  2. All us Sherwood Kitties will be participating.
    We will be remembering Keiko and so many others who touched ours lives.

  3. We will be pawticipating in the WW Movement too. We will remember sweet Keiko and all our other furry furiends who have left us.

  4. We will purrticipating in the WW Movement and remember all the kitties who came before and those furriends we have recently lost on the CB.

  5. We join paws with you in to honor this wonderful worldwide event.

  6. That's a beautiful memorial graphic. We'll be joining in, it's 6PM our time.

  7. We are remembering all the Cats Who Came Before today.

  8. Hi,

    Thanks for your visit and comment on our Halloween posts :)

    Nice Sunday. We will pray for Keiko.


  9. Lovely graphic - we are joining with you today.

  10. We are remembering the cats who came before and we will be thinking of Keiko too, and all our friends who have gone ahead to the Bridge.

  11. We are also participating - we will keep Keiko in our thoughts.

  12. We will never forget Keiko... she was just so special... so bootiful!

  13. I love that pic of you two in the leather chair! We forgot about the 14th but we purr for peace pretty much every day. Nice to meet you, and thanks for dropping by. See you soon!