Sunday, October 30, 2011


Oh great, the cold stuff is here again....this door is all foggy I can't see!

I'll clean it all off, that's much betters... not a very good view though. It's too early for dis! The hoomans say we will be lucky if we has power tomorrow so they gave special purrrmission fur us to do the bloggie after midnite OMC! Is way past our bedtime.

Eddy doesn't like the cold either, and I don't like Eddy or the cold! The hoomans said our furravorite bird berry tree is now on the ground along with almost all the trees around us. I hope the birdies will still come and see us...dis is furry sad noooos.
If we lose powers we may not get to post Halloween dis year.../sad cat face.


  1. Hunker down and stay warm! We hope your power stays on! Good luck!

  2. We hope your power stays on! Stay warm and safe.

  3. Kitty trio, stay in, stay safe and warm. Cross all your paws for power to stay!

  4. Huddle together and stay warm. We sure hope the power stays on.
    xoxo Kassey

  5. Oh no! It's waaaay too early for the white stuff!! We hope you still have power!!

  6. This is not good news - the white stuff needs to stay away for a bit longer! Stay warm and heated!

    Cats of wildcat woods

  7. Yikes, that white stuff (and the cold) came to our house, too! Stay warm!

  8. ick! Mommy says "snow" is a four letter word.

  9. Oh noes!!!!!!!!! It IS way too early for that cold white stuff :o
    We purr your power holds out.
    Ours too, as we are getting high winds and buckets of rain!!
    Happy Halloween !!
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure and JJ

  10. Oh, dear, you were hit with that horrible snowstorm on the east coast. We hope you don't lose your power. If trees are down, it must be a very bad storm. Sending lots of purrs and woofs for your protection.

  11. Hi friends!!
    Have a great Wednesday!