Saturday, July 30, 2011

Purrize Caturday!!! **edit Christmas in July

OMC a gift from Jake & Micah's website!!! They has the coolest kitteah toys!

I remempurr entering a contest a while back but I don't remembers givings my address fur winning a purrize so I was really furprised we gotta package from the mail guy!!! OMC OMC So exciteds, I stole it off the counter top when the boy hooman wasn't looking. I feel horrible because I can't think of who sponsored the contest, does anyone know?! This is such a PaWsOmE purrize and I want to be sure to thank thems. The humoms memory is not what it used to be... MOL.
**edit -- Special Fanks to Attie Cattie & Audrey Cake fur our Christmas in July toys we love thems!!!!!
I'll help you opens it Luna... ok ok you cans use your claws but I'll put the bitey on it!

OMC this smells sooooooooo good! I got it open NOMMM~!

ZULU gimmie that back, the purple one is mineee! MAUUUMMM Zulu has mah toy!

NooOoOo the nips, the NIPS they're soo good. I won't give it up!

HEY LUNA the Humom gave MEEE the blue one now, you can has your purple back /swat.

Miss Mercy goes in for a bitey on her pink toy! MOL - NOMMMM

These toys are SO COOL! Not to mention adorable and YUMMY!

Each toy has its own fortune! Zulu has the top, Luna the middle and Mercy the bottom one. They fit us purrfectly =^_^= Thank you so much fur these pawsome kitteah cookies, we love evfurry bit about thems!


  1. That is your Catmas In July prezzie from us, there was supposed to be a note from us in it. Maybe they forgotted teh note. In any case, we is happeh you likes your cookies so much. :)

  2. We founded teh email from our order. Teh note was supposed to says:

    For Luna, Zulu, and Mercy,
    Happeh Catmas in July! Sorreh it take'd us so long to gets this sented out to you. We hopes you enjoys it. Jake and Micah is our favorite!
    Love and Purrs,
    AttieCattie and AudreyCake

  3. Those sure do look like lots and lots of fun! Y'all have a kickin good weekend!

  4. Those do look like great great toys!! We'll have to check out the website!!

    I love Bengal Cats too! You guys are gorgeous. I have a Marbled Bengal named Ramiel and am getting another on Monday. A Little brown spotted boy named Balthazar!

  5. OMC Do those ever look like FUN! Mommy giggled at your fortunes!

  6. Jake and Micah have awesome, unique toys and they are such a sweet, lovely family!...You guy all look like you are having a fun time with those cool nip toys :)...Happy weekend, precious friends...kisses...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  7. What cute 'nip toys! Mom loves the fortunes!!
    Happy Saturday,
    ~ The Bunch

  8. Concatulations! That looks like the coolest gift!

  9. A furprize is the bestest thing and those three cookies look devine. Are catnip fortune cookies anything like catnip pillows?

  10. Opening that package was almost as fun as playing with what was in it!! Those nip cookies sure look like fun!!

  11. That looks like fun! Your photos are really good! We luf the one of ya'll tusslin! Purrs.

  12. What great nip toys! You sure look like you are enjoying them. :)

  13. We love nip gifts too!
    Enjoy friends!