Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thankful Thursday - Special Delivery!

A huge box came in the mail today OMC!

We won a purrize package from Petstages Products! A most pawsome THANK YOU going out to Goma and Sachie of My Cat Goma fur hosting dis contest =^_^=

Check out this pawsome scratcher lounge, it came with nips - NOM!

Luna: "I'll put a good scratchy on dis! Zulu has no claws but he likes to think he does, I just booted him off so I could show him how iz done."

We love this cute Blinking Buddy! Dis is going to be our new night time toy! I can't wait to go to bed now MOL!
It lights up when I paw at it OMC!

I is pooped after all dat playings... dis makes a purrrrfect lounge fur relaxation

Wif dis buddy I cans find my way to the scratcher lounge in the darks! Pawsome~!
We are loving our new toys, fanks again~ PURRS Luna & Zulu


  1. Wow, that looks like fun stuff! Congratulations!

  2. We won one of those scratchy lounges from Modern Cat. We like to sit on it--of course Ichiro chewed off a leg already and now it doesn't sit right but we still use it!

  3. That is some really pawsome stuff, congrats and conscratches fur sure!!!

  4. Thats a very brilliant package you got there..Enjoy.. Hugs GJ xx

  5. OMC, what pawsome prizes. You guys are so lucky!

  6. Wow! Lucky you!! Those are some cool prizes!!

  7. Concats! That looks like sum really cool stuff! That light-up toy will be great fun in the dark! Enjoy!

  8. Those are some cool prizes! Concatulations, and have fun! :)

  9. wow you guys seems to really enjoy them!! I am so happy to see you guys loving it sooo much!! thanks for entering the contest!! we are planning more fun stuff in the future so pleeese come back soon!