Saturday, May 26, 2012

Caturday Pirates!!!

 OMC what is dis blue thing in mah living room?! A new cat cave yay!!!!

Hmmm maybe dis is a good size pad for me to sleep on later. Pawsome!

 Puuurrrpare fur boarding Luna, Zulu is port side waiting fur you to move ovaaar!

 Ok Hoomah why dis big fing on my carpet? Dis where I roll around like a spaz and is no room now

Fine, dis staying here a while I might as well check out the other one. Hope you all have a furry Happy Memorial Day weekend! We gets to play Pirates all weekend wif des stuff =^_^= purrs2u
Luna & Zulu


  1. Wow, your human got you two your own boats? That is amazing!

  2. As long as they stay indoors and aren't put in the water you should be safe.

  3. As long as there isn't any water left in them from being used by the humans, you should be OK.

  4. Ahoy, mateys! Those boats sure look like fun!

  5. Holy Cat! Your humans got you boats??? We want boats, too! MOMMMMMY!