Sunday, December 12, 2010

Catland is open fur bizness!

We has light green walls now, the hoomans just need to paint the spots on the white trims then is all done =^_^= here is our fish TV and cat tree where I watch froms. The boy hooman says he is going to make us some carpet shelves to sit on OMC I can't wait!

Dis little door is under the stairs, it needs to be made white yet but it goes to our litter box! We has our own private bathroom MOL.

Of course the most impawtant is where our food is! NOM.

Dis door goes to the hoomans new PC room. They is not done setting up dat room so purlease excuse the slight mess MOL!

Zulu has infiltrated the hoomans area, do you spot him?

Dis where the PCs are now, the bedroom upstairs is going to be fur guests now OMC dats our room! Oh well I guess we gets Catland in trades.

Dis door goes back our to our room, we's gonna have a pawty when the hoomans are out and evfurryone cans come over to play in Catland =^_^= PURRS!


  1. OMC OMC OMC, can we come??!!!!!!!!!
    We haz our own room upstairz but it haz NO toyz like yourz (Mawm sayz itz cuz itz a GUEZT room, but funny cuz no guezt comez to vizit).
    You are soooo LUCKY, you have the beztezt hoomanz!!!!

  2. What a great lookin' place! We can't wait to come by and hang out!

  3. What a great house and your room looks wonderful and fun=so cool you guys have your own Fish TV!!...We are looking forward to your pawty and can't wait to visit, sweet friends...Happy week ahead...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  4. WOW, everything sure looks great in your own special room...FishTV yet! Let us know when the pawty starts!

  5. Your Catland is awesome! I think the green color on your walls is very pretty, too.

  6. Your CatLand is fantastic! We REALLY like your fish TV...that is super. Your people have done a great job with the renovations.
    And we saw Zulu! We are so there any time you has a party.

  7. Catland looks awesome!! We wanna fish TV too!!

  8. We love your Catland! We want a flat screen tv just like yours. MOL!

  9. Love your cat room and your special door to the litter box. How funny!
    Fish TV is pretty cool, too. Let us know when you're ready to pawty!

    Tom & Vinny

  10. I am sooooo envious of your Catland. Your very own bathroom? Wow! Can I come to visit?

  11. Your Catland is great, and we like your little door to your own toilet. We want fish TV too.

  12. Wow, you have your very own Catland! The walls are such a pretty, fresh green colour, too. Almost as good as being outdoors. I'm sure that fish TV will give you hours and hours of enjoyment.

    By the way, Luna is on the LOLSpot today!

  13. There it is!
    We found it!
    Wowie that looks like great fun!