Saturday, May 7, 2011

Our Photo Purrize came!

We got mail~! OH MY COD! It's from our furriends at Thoughts Fur Paws bloggie! They just had a Spring Photo Contest and we gots second place =^_^= we're furry happy, they are so generous to do fun contests! I love mail, it's the best for making face scratchies on and there's always pawsome stuff on the insides too, what more could a kitteah want?

Wowsaaa look at all the natural & holistic noms, MMMMmm I can't wait to try out all these treats and toys!!! Even a book fur our Bean wif a bookmark too! Is called "The Meaning of Meow - Understanding & Caring For Your Cat" now maybe she'll give me Cat Sip and Nip when I ask...
Here's a closur look inside, I'm getting hungry now

Zulu grabbed dis pink fishie out of the box and ran down into the basement before we even got evfurrything else out to see. Someone has a new furravorite toy!

OMC Catnip is inside of here~! It came with a whole tube of it NOM

Mercy loves her mousies~! She is pooped out after throwing them all over the room.
MOL check out this action shot!

Dis is not her most glamorous moment but she was having a lot of fun!!
Thank you again to Jaime & Evfurryone at Thoughts Fur Paws!


  1. Mercy's photo is just begging to be LOLed!!! Great presents!

  2. What a great prize package! It seems that everyone got their very own cool thing. MOL at Mercy!

  3. I love your prizes! Concatulations on your second place win!

  4. Wow! What a great prize package!! You're gonna have so much fun!!

  5. Cool Package ...So much toys and treats
    But the greatest is when I saw you play...Last photo is priceless..Ha..Ha..Ha..You look so funny Mercy !!!!

  6. Pawsome prizes!! We're MOL @ Mercy!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  7. Wow, that is a lot of pressies. Mercy, you do have one good time. Love that picture. That is hard to do, to get someone in mid air,
    Happy Momfurs day to your Mom too. Hope all of you treat her special today.

  8. Hey, concats on second place and what a great win of prizes!

    Happy Mother's Day to your mom. We are very blessed to have such wonderful moms!

  9. What a great box of presents! And we LOVE that action shot ... Meowza! :)

    Happy Mother's Day, friends.

  10. You guys got some great presents=have fun playing with your new toys!...Welcome to gorgeous Mercy, so nice to meet you!...Happy Mother's Day to your lovely Mommy!...We hope you guys enjoy a wonderful celebration together today, sweeties and a great week ahead...kisses...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  11. Hi cuties.....we wish your mom a very Happy Mother's Day.

  12. Hi babies!
    You´re so cuties!!!!
    I´m from Brazil and I´m mommy of five cats!!

  13. Oh my cod, Mercy - I have a mousie just like yours (well, 3 of them, actually), except they are gray, and I LOVE THEM!! They are the BEST toys in the entire world - I play with all 3 of mine every day, and I bring them upstairs at night when it's bedtime. You just hit the jackpot!!!

    Your friend, Zoe

  14. Congrats to you for the great prize! Mom had to work on Mother's Day so we are visiting a day late. Thanks for coming to Yoko's party.

    Cats of Wildcat Woods

  15. Oh what fun you are having! Congrats on your win!

    And it appears that I'd missed the latest news here -- you new sisfur, Mercy! Well, I've tried to make up for it by making her a LOLCat today.

    She's quite beautiful, by the way -- and that's some tail she has -- just gorgeous!

    From the pictures, it seems she has settled in quite well.

  16. That looks like so much fun!

  17. Hi, congratulations on winning 2ond place!!!
    Thanks for bringing me Birthday wishes, Mommy got plants for Mother's day so she has been busy planting........Thank you, TyGr=^Y^=

  18. So...uh...if I hope the bus, would you guys come and get me, so we could have a play date with all your cool loot???


  19. OK--I'm so wantin' to play with the toys, I did a typo...that should be 'hop' the bus...not hope, but then I do hope it doesn't run out of gas..