Saturday, August 29, 2009

Caturday Calendar Cats!

We are Calendar Cats! You can see all the pawsome entries by clicking the green button on the right! I, Keiko, am auditioning for Miss April as an Earth Day Kitteah!

April showers bring lots of May flowers for Luna! She is auditioning for Miss May!

As part of being a calendar cat our donation will be going to Forgotten Felines here in Connecticut! They are a no kill shelter providing nutritious food, warm beds and expert care to as many cats as possible with the goal of finding them permanent, loving homes =^_^=


  1. I like the strategic placement of the flowers and the earth. Hee hee. Those are great pictures, and they showcase you two beauties! I think it's wonderful that you're contributing to a no-kill shelter too. Forgotten Felines sounds like a really good one.



  2. Good luck getting to be a lovely calendar cat! I think you are fantastic!

  3. Hi! I wanted to answer a question you posted on my site today. The Saturday Photo Hunters meme is based out of It's really easy to join. Just go to that site and see the schedule of themes and rules.