Thursday, August 6, 2009

Window viewz

Keiko here,

I have claimed the bird seed bucket in the name of Furryness. I've chosen my perch wisely to keep tabs on the birdies and small hoomans who wander past the door.

If I had not jumped up here I would surely have dog drool all over my head by now. Ha. Luna will suffer the wrath of slobbers!!!

American Goldfinches! AKA Nom NOM!Here are da birdies. They are yellows and would make a great night time snack if only I could get out theres.

Here is me hidings from the woofie. Luna is obsessed wif leaves blowing around in the patio. The woofie wants to go outsides and jump on the small hoomans skateboarding and slobberify thems.


  1. You've got the best seat in the house! Those are mighty tasty looking birdies!

  2. That is a good bird snoopervising spot you have there. It is very pretty. We don't have any like that in the UK.

  3. We're impressed that your woofie likes cats! Or does the woofie just tolerate you?

  4. Keiko, you are one smart kitty! You got the "catbird seat", so to speak. And poor Luna is doomed to watch leaves swirl about and have her head slobbered upon! I guess the wisdom of cats rule and dogs drool is all too accurate.

  5. What a great spot you have to keep watch! We used to have American Gold Finches at our house toom until the big bad bear, Bruiser, came and ruined it! He's fired! Enjoy your weekend!