Friday, August 28, 2009

Flashback Furrends!

Dis is our Hooman's past ferret furrend. His name was Spike. He liked to play wif the orange ball a lot and would always try to put the bitey on it but it was too big for his mouth hehe.

The crazy Hooman had 3 ferrets, dis is Brandee, Doom Spikes sister and then they got an albino baby from the pet store to be their furrend. They named him Spaz and he was quite spaztastic!

Brandee got a tumor and had to be put to sleep, it was very sad. After that poor Spaz was all alone wif no one to snuggle. He's living in CA now wif a new fambily that had more furry fuzzbutt ferrets fur him to play wif. The girl Hooman had to move from CA to CT so it was best not to take him across the long truck ride.

Now is just us kitteah and the woofie and dats how we likes it~! It would have been fun to meet the ferrets tho. My Hooman thinks I would chase thems... the woofie used to chase Spaz around MOL we'd like to have seen that =^_^= purrs~!


  1. Wow! This is the first ferret I got to meet. It was nice to hear about them.

  2. Aw, da ferrets are so cute. I would probably chase them too.

  3. hehe Our the mom used to has ferrets a long time ago too. Dey is furry neat lookin but we is unsure if we'd like dem if they play play play so much.

  4. Our Mom used to have a ferret named India:) India was nine years old when she died of a tumor:( Our Mom still misses her.

  5. Uhm, we're not sure if the ferrets wouldn't chase and bitey back... They look like a bunch of fun and energy!

  6. Ferrets look so darling, but I hear they can be very mischievious and quite nippy, too! (No not catnippy!)

    I think you kitties are lucky to have each other and your woofie. It's lovely to remember all the ferrets who have passed through your beans' lives, though.