Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Taco Tuesday w/Beans!

Our hoomans left us tonight to go eat Mexican foods. So while theys away we decideds to post some piksurs of thems so you can see our Beans! We hears there are Beans in the Mexican foods... does that mean they eat themselves?!

Dis is Tina and her boyfriend Brian. Other known names are:

1. girl hooman
2. boy / tall hooman
3. beans
4. servants
5. mum

Purrs to all! =^_^= Keiko & Luna


  1. I like the name "servants" myself!

  2. Oh no! We hope the Beans don't eat themselves cuz they've got to feed you.

  3. I hope they didn't eat themselves. Of course the way mine eats, it is certainly possible.

  4. Your humans look very suitable.

  5. We hope they brought you home some tacos! Hold the beans!

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  7. Your humans look really nice! It was ever so clever to post a picture while they are away. Mom is too shy to do it.

  8. I wish more cats would post pics of their moms an dads!

  9. Oh, you are sneaky! Your servants look so sweet. I'm glad you have loving staff.



  10. What wonderfurl servants you have!!! ope they brought you home some Mexican foods too!!!

  11. I could tell when I first met you that you were lucky critters!

  12. Hi There,

    On this Sunday we are looking at almost al of your blogs!
    Mum thinks is fun to see grown up bengals!
    How is the Cat basement doing?
    Is it al complete?
    We cant find a blog over it....but we will keep looking!
    xoxo Lars, James and Mom