Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Taggy Tuesday!

I was tagged by my kitteah furrends over at Brians Home. Here are the rules of the tag:

You have to do 1, 2 OR 3.

1. post 7 facts about yourself AND photos
2. post 10 facts about yourself with no photos,
3. post a childhood picture of yourself.

And you really should tag someone else. Here we go for 7 facts:

1. My Hoomans were only going to buy my sister Luna originally. Above is baby Luna, the piksur was sent by the breeder before they came to get her.

2. When the Hoomans arrived they fell in love with Luna, the boy Hooman found meh, Keiko, the unresistable little fuzzbutt. Here is the Brian-bean holding me, I felled asleeps in his hand and wif the girl Hooman, Tina too. They could not resist my cuteness so on the spot they got me too!

3. The breeder was going to keep me to have more baby kitteahs for her and be a show cat cuz I was the litter pick. I did not fit the show cat personality because I whine so much and did not like it when she would hold meh. I felt safe wif the hoomans who came to get Luna. The breeder saw how well I took to them and decided to give me up to them since they were willing.

4. I was very happy to go home wif them and get to stay furrever w/Luna too! We are inseparable. If I goes to the vet and Luna does not come she will MEEeeeOooOww until I come home or until she finds me!

5. We were very bad baby kitteahs and our beans kept us in a dog crate while they were at work for the first 4 days we were home. This was not a good idea and made us loney so we got left out after that. But we got back at them by peeing on the chair and on the girl hoomans purse!

6. The woofie wanted to eat us when we were babies. She thought we were little furry woofie toys! She had to be kept away so we wouldn't get hurt. Here she is at the gate looking at us.

7. Now that we are big kitteahs and the woofie knows we are NOT toys or food (well most of the time) we are one big happy fuzz-butted family =^_^=

.... now then....
*runs around wif floofy tail furrs* TAG, YOU'RE IT MELVIN!!


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  2. We're glad the woofie learned you weren't woofie toys...we wouldn't want you to get eaten!

  3. Oh my, Luna! You and Keiko were absolutely adorable little baby kittehs! I'm so glad that Keiko got to come home with you, instead of being a show cat. I think she's much happier this way.
    Of course, you two are still adorable, just bigger now. And I'm glad the woofie didn't eat you either!

  4. What a great story about your gotcha day! I loved all the facts about you. What beautiful girls!

  5. Oh my, I'm so glad I tagged you guys, it was wonderful learning about how you got your home together.

  6. Thanx for sharing and you are all just TOO CUTE!!!

  7. Oh! I'll have to post up something fun tomorrow! Thank you for tagging me!

    I adore all your pictures. WAY too cute.

    PS: Melvin doesn't mind bath time. In fact, he now just hops in the tub whenever it's time for one. He's such a good boy. :D

  8. Both of you were such adorable little kitties and, needless to say, you are lovely kitty-cattys, too☺